David Fink, DO

David Fink

David B. Fink, DO, MS, FACOFP, is board certified in family medicine at Broward Health.

Dr. Fink’s professional experience spans more than 21 years. He started private practice in New Jersey and has practiced in Arizona, California and Florida. He has worked in different settings such as traditional doctor’s offices, urgent care clinics, rehab facilities/nursing homes and assisted living facilities and has even made house calls.

As an osteopathic physician, his practice philosophy is one in which he treats the patient as a whole, not just his or her disease but also mind, body, and spirit. His approach is to help and aid the human body’s systems to work in harmony, which can help treat disease, promote ideal health, and may prevent or delay the onset of disease. He believes that everyone should have a primary care/family physician; a physician who is caring and concerned for all of the patient’s needs, who can work with the patient in the treatment of his or her medical conditions and refer to and coordinate their care with specialists if needed.

Dr. Fink’s office is conveniently located inside Broward Health’s new state-of-the-art Urgent Care Center in Coral Springs, Florida, open weeknights and evenings for additional access to services. This benefits not just his patients and their immediate needs but is a tremendous resource for people living or working in the surrounding area that can now receive convenient, immediate, and personalized medical care for minor injuries and illnesses.