Candidates for Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion with Plating

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Watch neurosurgeon Dr. Matthew Moore perform an anterior cervical discectomy with plating and an interview with his patient after surgery.

Dr. Matthew R. Moore trained for more than 6 years at the Harvard Medical School in Neurosurgery and now frequently performs the Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion(ACDF) as head of Broward county's ONLY Spine Care Center at Broward Health North.  His group serves as the main consultants for neurosurgical care for both the Miami Dolphins and Florida Marlins.

For most people with neck pain and a pinched nerve causing arm pain with numbness or weakness into the shoulder and arm, the easiest and least painful approach for repair is through the anterior cervical discectomy and fusion(ACDF).  A 2-3 inch incision along a natural skin line is made with minimal scarring and no stitches on the outside.  Then, no supporting muscles are cut in this direct approach to the front of the spine where the herniated disc or bone spur compressing the nerves is removed.  The ACDF entails minimal blood loss with this 2 to 3 hour procedure and most people are up in a chair and walking later the same day.

There is almost immediate relief of the arm pain and often the neurologic deficits begin to improve within days.   The SPINE CARE CENTER offers the only comprehensive program in the tri-county area with concierge like attention from a compassionate and dedicated Spine Care Coordinator by teaching your preoperative orientation class, meeting the dedicated team(anesthesiologists, nurses & therapists) and following your progress later at home.  The Center provides all single rooms which additionally allow your designated "coach" to stay overnight and participate in your individualized therapy program.



Matthew Moore

Matthew Moore, MD

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